Individual bachelor project - in cooperation with Duchenne Parent Project
Children spent half of the time outside compared to their parents. For children with a muscular dystrophy this is even more due to overprotection and limitations. However, spending time outdoors such as building camps, has a great impact on the self-development of children. Kamboe is a sustainable building kit designed for children, as well those with muscular dystrophy. It is an inclusive design which makes the level between children with different capabilities smaller and stimulates the use of their fantasy.
Co-creation with children around the same age. Design briefs were given to them, they could use anything they found to explain the idea to me. It was interesting to see which materials they chose.
Based on co-creation and research about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a design vision has been formulated: "Lower the treshold to play outside with other children, while stimulating a feeling of freedom, independence and creativity."

Based on co-creation: overview of found objects children built to express their imagination

Ideation on how build with objects found in nature

Ideation on how to build with and connect objects found in nature

Prototyping and testing with the target group in early stages to get the idea right.
Connecting the lightweight bamboo-sticks, low muscular force is needed:
Holes in bamboo stimulate finding own materials to build further and use imagination.
Prototype for testing:

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